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The staff blog

Here, I update it about "the house of the rainbow" and "a solar house" and the event (mainly events) of "the Day service real face".
As you update it with effort, please sometimes peep out

The staff blog


Christmas society①

I performed each facilities Christmas party on December 24, 25th
I become Santa Claus and
I eat a handmade cake andBirthday cake
I play a game and
I get a present and
It was a day of the all of you delightShiningly

Sound four ever volunteer visit to an office

Volunteer last for 2,019 years
People of sound four ever came
After all user likes songs
The person who sheds tears while hearing a once popular song is ...
Finally, it swells in a coal mine shaft knob and is finishedThe right arrow (red) which turns to the top
I am looking forward to the coming day again next year

Maple-tree viewing

At very good timeShiningly
In autumn

Fire drill

I performed an annual fire drill every yearThe electric bulb which flashes on and off
I report it and actually evacuate user outsideForefinger (a palm this side) for the topShiningly
I helped each other together and was able to evacuate safely
The cooperation between users is important, too
Finally the staff learned how to use fire extinguisher

Beautiful soil village Elementary School on-site training

As for October 16, this year beautiful soil village small fifth graders
He/she came for the workplace on-site trainingThe right arrow (red) which turns to the top
It is said hello with "good morning" well from the moment that came
User is welcome, too
I show a dance and a school song and the quiz of the athletic meet
Delight of userShiningly
The made spirit forest forest which is just before where the primary schoolchild returns
Loneliness remained after a primary schoolchild returned
The power of the child is great
It will be that I get much power, and users were a happy dayIs colorful; shiningly
I am looking forward to the coming day again next yearThe face which is delighted at which winked
Eikoh seisakusyo, Ltd.
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"The house of the rainbow"
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"A solar house"
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"The real face"

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・Small scale multifunctional model home
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・House type pay nursing home