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The staff blog

Here, I update it about "the house of the rainbow" and "a solar house" and the event (mainly events) of "the Day service real face".
As you update it with effort, please sometimes peep out

The staff blog


The autumn equinoctial week

Concerning the autumn equinoctial week
It is a start made with a rice dumpling covered with bean jam
I served as the rehabilitation of the hand and was finished carefully

Respect for the Aged Day③

I get a present and a photograph, and everybody is delighted
I have covered the face when I pointed a camera
It is a shy person

Respect for the Aged Day②

The contents of the present are ...Shiningly
It was a pretty pretty towel

Respect for the Aged Day①

It is ... with an everyday feeling on Respect for the Aged Day
"Please live long well forever"

Fujioka Kitanaka school workplace on-site training③

 Junior high students comes for one week, and user is delighted
You get young power, and can have a lot of talks
A smile more than usual was seenThe right arrow (red) which turns to the top
I will look forward to coming again next year
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"The real face"

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