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The staff blog

Here, I update it about "the house of the rainbow" and "a solar house" and the event (mainly events) of "the Day service real face".
As you update it with effort, please sometimes peep out

The staff blog


It is a blog start.


Blog started

"The house of the rainbow" I performed the fire drill in case of the fire in this jointly with "a solar house"!
I performed it for the user oasis in the hall of "the solar house", an assumption called the kotatsunotsukeppanashikara fire occurrence this time.
As it was daytime setting, the staff was substantial and was able to perform it smoothly.
But when a fire alarm sounds, users is an indeed scary state, and the staff becomes earnest every time, too.

I performed it for an assumption by night and became the fire drill while I considerably had a hard fight last time.
I tried various methods, and it was at a good opportunity to think that I evacuated a user in a short time with all the staff.

As I take an important family, I want to spend every day with resolution

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