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House of the rainbow

Group home of the handmade sense

The group home nijinoie is group home of the handicraft sense that can live a life with the staff whom the small dementia elderly person who came to have difficulty in life at the home cares for in domestic environment settled down in peace.

A family reduces the burden to mind and body by regaining relief and gentleness.
I plan the improvement of symptoms such as dementia by finding your pleasure and purpose of life in deference to the personality of the user.

Basic policy

 Based on the designated Dementia-response cohabitation care which determined concrete service content of users, I respect a user as an individual and protect privacy and support it so that relief and dignity realize the life that there is.


Administration policy

I support life like oneself in peace and, with giving first priority to a user, protect it and aim at the group home that the relation with the area was opened carefully.

I support it to be able to live a delightful life like oneself safely.
I follow privacy and respect it as an old-timer of the life without discriminating.
I make use of ability for left survival to the maximum and do appropriate support.
I plan everyday communication and grasp the support on a health side, the mind side.
I do not perform verbal abuse, violence, the physical mental restriction including the abuse.
I contact a user to become the go-between of the heart with the important family.
I put myself in the partner's shoes and do care. (with a feeling to think to be own parent carefully)


Facilities are detailed

House of the rainbow
◆The facilities appearance◆
■The group home "house of the rainbow"
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The location: 〒 375-0011 1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
A phone number: 0274-40-3478 / FAX: 0274-40-3479
Establishment: August 1, 2003
A building area: 268.30 square meters
Building structure: One-story house
Living room
◆Living room◆

Service condition, summary

[the use capacity]Nine people
[living room]All nine rooms private rooms (belonging to a closet)
There is a vacancy now!
Care authorization can enter it from support 2 required.
Please feel free to contact us.
[consultation desk]
The person in charge : Teshigawara (manager/Care manager)
A phone number: 0274-40-3478
"Costing how long" This and "what kind of facilities are good when it is such a symptom" As you cope with equal no concreteness-like question and a question, please feel free to contact me without reserve.

Service contents

Service contents

About entering

Available one

The one that has difficulty in care in families in dementia elderly people about 65 years old or older.
But it is limited to one without the trouble in living under combination.

Flow until entrance
I have you prepare on an application, contract day
Thing to have at the time of entrance

Charge (monthly basis using 30 days)

Support 2 required Need of nursing care 1 Need of nursing care 2 Need of nursing care 3 Need of nursing care 4 Need of nursing care 5
Care premium
22,710 yen
22,830 yen
23,910 yen
24,600 yen
25,110 yen
25,620 yen


●Other expenses

[the initial addition] ・ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 30 yen/day (I arrive within 30 days from an entrance day and am added)
[service offer system reinforcement addition III] ・ ... ... 6 yen/day
[care staff treatment improvement addition II] ・ ・ ... ... ... scheduled unit X 0.039/month

Other miscellaneous expenses
[the food expenses]
・Breakfast ... ... ... ..., 250 yen
・Lunch ... ... ... ..., 450 yen
・Dinner ... ... ... ..., 380 yen
・Snacks ... ... ... ..., 70 yen

[living room costs]
・Daily ... ... ... ..., 1,500 yen

[daily life cost of living]
・Water supply energy bill ... ..., 350 yen/day
・Other actual expenses

I can download service basics list of charges.

Traffic access

The location: 〒 375-0011 1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
A phone number: 0274-40-3478 / FAX: 0274-40-3479

▼Please feel free to contact us

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TEL. +81-274-40-3478
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"The real face"

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