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operator summary

Corporation summary

Corporation name
The location〒370-2455 1109-2, Kanohara, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
Phone number0274-63-2483
FAX number0274-63-2549
RepresentativeRepresentative director Imperial envoy River Satoru Hara
The establishment dateOctober 1, 1973
The number of the staff45 people
Duties contents
1.Board implementation
2.Board assembly
3.Board assembling
4.Examination for board
Administration facilities
・The group home nijinoie <office number 1070900319>
・A small scale multifunctional model home "house of the sun" <office number 1090900042>
・The Day service "real face" <company number 1071000796>
・The house type pay nursing home "real face"

Traffic access

[address] 1109-2, Kanohara, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
[means of transportation] about 5 minutes on foot from Joshin Dentetsu, Kanohara Station

▼Please feel free to contact us

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TEL. +81-274-20-2121
Eikoh seisakusyo, Ltd.
Group home
"The house of the rainbow"
Small scale multifunctional model home
"A solar house"
Day service
"The real face"
House type pay nursing home
"The real face"

1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
■Nursing facility
・Small scale multifunctional model home
・Group home
・House type pay nursing home