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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The Eikoh seisakusyo, Ltd. (called "our corporation" as follows.) thinks the trust from a customer to be first and thinks that it is the duty that is important to our corporation to handle information about customer individual in a secret to win precisely. Therefore I establish "a privacy policy" about the personal information of the customer and will practice the enforcement to personnel about a privacy policy method. The content is as follows. In addition, about the personal information that I already hold it in our corporation and use, I carry out the privacy policy of the customer according to this policy.

Privacy policy

(1) The acquisition of the personal information
Our corporation collects personal information by legitimate and fair means. Within the fair business of our corporation, I collect personal information in the limit that is necessary for the objective achievement after having disclosed a purpose of the collection, contents of the use beforehand when I ask a customer for an offer of the personal information.

(2) The use of the personal information and the joint use
I use the personal information that our corporation took as far as I got consent from the person who had personal information as far as it went along the collection purpose again. About the use purpose, the use is aimed for a matter necessary for the objective achievement within the fair business of our corporation in the following "ranges of the use purpose".
●About the range of the use purpose
・When I do on-the-job notification
・When I work as the guide about the service that our corporation handles
・When I do the correspondence from a customer to an inquiry or the request
・In addition, in the case of the purpose that told a customer beforehand, and had an agreement
●About the use except the purpose mentioned above
About the use, I shall have the agreement of the customer unless it is permitted by laws and ordinances when it is necessary to use the personal information of the customer for the purpose of other than above.

(3) Third party offer of the personal information
Our corporation does not offer the personal information of the customer to the third party without the agreement of the customer. But it is not this limit when there are special circumstances such as the statutory duty that our corporation should obey by law or other models applied to personal information.

(4) Procedures such as disclosure, the correction of the personal information
When inquiry, a correction, deletion are requested about the personal information that had you provide it by a customer, please request it to a reference window. Except cases to impair that the request concerned is remarkable for the duties of our corporation, disclosure, a correction delete the personal information of the customer within a rational period only when I can confirm that it depends on a customer.

(5) Fee required for disclosure of the personal information
I may ask for the burden of the fee required for disclosure for a disclosure claimer (one recognized as a customer), but decide to have, in that case, you clarify so beforehand and bear it.

About the observance of laws and ordinances, the model about the protection of the personal information

Our corporation observes personal information protection connection laws and ordinances applied about the personal information that our corporation holds and a model. In addition, I judge this policy by a law of Japan, other models. This policy determines the basic policy about the privacy policy of our corporation and acts as our corporation for protection of the personal information based on laws and ordinances, the models such as the Personal Information Protection Laws in conformity with this policy.

About safety management measures of the personal information

Our corporation protects it from unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation, a leak of the personal information and maintains a regime to secure accuracy and safety and carries out appropriate safety measures. It limits the entrance of the outsider in the office dealing with personal information and I carry out an education enlightenment activity for all the members such as an officer, the staff concerned with the personal information protection of our corporation and put an administrator and act for appropriate management of the personal information.

About continuous improvement

Our corporation reviews it continuously, and they carry out improvement to cope with the change of the laws and ordinances that you should obey of Japan, the handling method, an environmental change about an approach to personal information protection.


 The inquiry about the privacy policy, please contact this.

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