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Here, I update it about "the house of the rainbow" and "a solar house" and the event (mainly events) of "the Day service real face".
As you update it with effort, please sometimes peep out

The staff blog


Fujioka Kitanaka school workplace on-site training②

Then, I had you dry hair of user who went out of the bath
The wind of the dryer is not hot ", or" takes the confirmation well
I got communication with user

Fujioka Kitanaka school workplace on-site training①

A student of Kitanaka came for an on-site training for one week from today
As it is one week, I rotate 3 facilities
At first, I had you make getting out cleaning and garbage

I go to look at the lotus♪

At last the rainy season of this year is over for a long time in the rainy season and is the full-scale summer arrival
I went to see a lotus by a walk exercise to one of ken te Kamisato-machi, Saitama and a certain temple in the middle of July right in the middle in the rainy season
It was the unfortunate look of the sky, but a lotus bloomed neatly.
A heart was healed if I looked at the lotus and was an everybody smile
When I asked the inside of car about a return impression and did it, it looked delighted at all with "very beautiful dattannee ..."
I am very happy that I listen to a smile of user and a good impression.
Intense heat is expected this year. We supply water, salt diligently, and let's survive summer so that heat stroke does not have it.

"The Star Festival" of the Reiwa beginning

It was the new name of an era "Reiwa period" and reached the first Star Festival on July 7 and I had you participate in a Vietnamese student receiving training who performed the Star Festival decoration with the staff of user on July 5 and I wrote a wish and thought to the strip of paper and decorated it on Sunday on that day
A wish of each of user including "... was loaded with so that "world peace" and a favorite person were fine and were"
So that a wish and thought come true; ...

It is GO to the bamboo marsh

Because it is the rainy season, but there is an occasionally fair day
The fine day to a drive
I went to the bamboo marsh at all of you request
The cat which there was before had only two
I approached when I ground the bag of the cake with a rustling sound
Everybody seems to be fond of the bamboo marsh at the end of nature
The teacake to eat outside seems to be particularly delicious
Eikoh seisakusyo, Ltd.
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"The real face"

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