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The staff blog

Here, I update it about "the house of the rainbow" and "a solar house" and the event (mainly events) of "the Day service real face".
As you update it with effort, please sometimes peep out

The staff blog


It is ideal day for a walk

The here these days are hot
I stroll in the facilities circumference on such a day
A neighborhood! Hello ...

... which stays in the bamboo marsh

Four cats ...
It got closer to bait desire for acquisition

I go for a drive to the bamboo marsh

The weather is good recently, too
Users want to go out; and Uz Uz
This time is GO to the bamboo marsh
Cherry blossoms were in full bloom a little earlier if I came
I am discussed the rights and wrongs at the time of full bloom next year

Electone performance

I do an April 17 Electone performance for the first time
He/she came for the real face
Title it it; and ...
If turn around ... to be spelled by music and the talk, Showa is far; kick ...
I look back on the Showa era by an Electone performance and the reading talk,
As for the person who sheds tears when I talk of the wartime
The foreign hill was the song which affected a heart.
Finally, a song finishes a bright song
Takahashi, thank you

The beginning of this year? Basking in the sun & walk

The day that was not cold came even if I appeared outside this and ... tto
User loves the sun
We take it a lot in the sun, and let's do a bone soundly
Eikoh seisakusyo, Ltd.
Group home
"The house of the rainbow"
Small scale multifunctional model home
"A solar house"
Day service
"The real face"
House type pay nursing home
"The real face"

1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
■Nursing facility
・Small scale multifunctional model home
・Group home
・House type pay nursing home